Why Do We Need Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing. Since it came into light, it has started gaining much popularity among marketers all over the globe. Its sudden popularity cannot be unconnected from its effectiveness in bringing a massive Return on Investment (ROI) than all other marketing forms.


As a business owner, instead of bowing to the bandwagon, you might ask some tactical questions like, is video marketing worth the hype? Is it necessary that we also do video marketing to promote our brand? The simple answer to this question is Yes, and here is why.


Video Marketing is the most versatile and useful form of marketing. It appeals to the customers' sight and ear simultaneously with adequate information about what they need to know about the product or service. Besides this, here are other reasons why you need video marketing.


Video Marketing Is Detailed


If you are starting a new product or service, you will need to educate your target audience about the product or the service you are offering. While readable text and articles are good ways to inform the audience, a content writer may miss some of the information. Or pass the message with ambiguous words. This may lead to the target audience not getting full information about the product or service.


However, video marketing will explain everything that the audience needs to know about the product or service in a more detailed manner. For instance, an explainer video can teach targeted customers how to use a particular product or service. This has always been very effective. Since its inception, no fewer than 98% of site owners have an explainer video on their landing page, and 83% have attested to its effectiveness.


In a study carried out to ascertain the efficiency of videos, most customers revealed that they learned about the product through an explained video posted on the site landing page. So, the video explains facts and figures in a mode subtle manner for customers to understand well.


Video Engage Customers


There is no doubt that video has its unique way of arresting the attention of a person. A good video can sustain the attention of a person. Even some of the lazy buyers could be influenced by the use of a video.

Logical buyers who the emotional appeal can't influence will always want to see the product being put to the test.


It Builds Trust


A modern buyer will need to trust the brand before he/she can become a regular buyer. Video marketing is believable because buyers see the product being put to use to ascertain its effectiveness.

Buyers believe what they see to be true. Video marketing helps a brand to build trust between them and their targeted buyers. Elites’ buyers would not be influenced by emotional appeal. Little wonder, YouTube has become the tool in the hands of most video marketers. People love to see a video of things they want to buy to build brand trust.


Video Conversion Rate is High


One of the most crucial reasons why you should consider using video marketing is for conversion. The essence of every marketing campaign is to boost sales. A video is a veritable tool in ensuring that the viewer or audience is transformed into buyers.

When you add a video to your site's landing page, its conversion rate is over 80% of people who viewed it. Research has shown that more than 74% of people who viewed explainer videos about a product or service patronizes that brand.


Huge Return on Investment


Although video marketing is not an easy task to carry out, in most cases, it is one of the most expensive marketing schemes to practice. However, its effectiveness cannot be overemphasized. So, it is worth the stress and all investment that is put into it.


Meanwhile, there are other economic means to make videos. Content is the most crucial thing in video marketing. With your smartphone, you can make the best video that will drive a sale.


Video Allows Social Shares


With the use of social media, the world has turned into a global community. So, one of the best means of marketing is through the use of social media.

Meanwhile, social media encourages the use of videos. Video marketers could share videos across social networks for comprehensive coverage.


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