In digital marketing, the use of explainer videos is essential to engage with your audience and boost your ROI, especially when using ad campaigns or any digital channel for promotion like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

In today’s world, digital marketing strategies are crucial for improving your sales and growing your business. Digital marketing explainer videos play a significant role in this aspect because they allow you to explain your concept, product, or service in an easy and creative way. By creating storyboards with effects and engaging scenes, you can transform complex ideas into understandable and captivating content.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing

These are highly engaging and help you capture your buyer persona’s attention more effectively than text, images, or audio. They use a combination of visuals, effects, music, and narration to create a captivating experience.

You can simplify complex ideas

These are perfect for breaking down complex ideas and making them simple, easy to understand, and really fun and enjoyable. The visuals are essential to ensure the message is clear.

You can improve the conversion rate.

A well-crafted explainer video can significantly increase your conversion rate. It can help you easily build trust and clearly explain the benefits of your product or service, thus enhancing conversions and prompting effective calls to action.



Costs can vary widely depending on the complexity and quality of the video. Budget for scriptwriting, storyboard production, voiceover, and final editing.

Consider the potential ROI increase when budgeting for an explainer video. Companies using explainer videos have reported a 15-30% increase in sales.

The future of explainer videos is promising. They are going viral all over the web and social media.

Personalized explainer videos can be tailored to individual viewers, making the content more relevant and engaging.

The ideal length is typically between 1 to 3 minutes, ensuring the content is concise and engaging.

Yes, you can use digital marketing explainer videos to explain ideas in a fun way that may go viral if used correctly.

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