About Our Animated Video Production Company

VideoKrtoon started over 10 years ago as an entrepreneurship with fresh, new ideas and innovative projects. We were a team of skilled professionals with a clear objective in mind: creating customized animated video content without using a ready-made formula. Nowadays, we have evolved and adapted to new technological breakthroughs, learned new strategies, and grown without losing our main essence. Over the past years, we have connected with new clients from around the world and created more than 8,000 videos. They have trusted us with what they hold dear most: their company’s marketing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide originality for our clients’ businesses in order to communicate who they are and help them grow in the market. We work with passion to meet the customers’ needs and achieve their objectives. We think differently and enjoy challenging the status quo.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to use marketing videos as a digital strategy to promote, position, and boost a brand while keeping in mind the objectives set by our clients for their business. We are a company dedicated to creating animated marketing videos to increase your business’s sales and attract new customers in an innovative and unique way. We are aware of the current technological advancements and new methods of selling products and services, and we stay current with changes and developments in the market to provide our clients with high-quality, up-to-date work.



What Matters to Us

What matters to us is that our clients can promote their brand, boost sales, and grow in the market through a new marketing strategy tool: Whiteboard Animation Videos. We are aware that, in the digital era, business people need to find new ways of promoting their brand in order to catch the attention of potential customers.

For that reason, we convert our clients’ ideas into original animation videos to help them reach out to customers in an engaging and creative manner. You provide us with an outline of the script and we take care of the creative process, keeping in mind your brand’s identity and target audience. Our professional team is well-qualified to translate your written text into a prime animated production.


Major brands and startups, such as Pfizer, Colgate, Novartis, Shaq, and Uber, have already trusted us with their marketing efforts. They continue to come back to us because of our professionalism and dedication to creating tailored, creative, and timely projects. At VideoKrtoon, we work together in a friendly environment, which is reflected in the final projects. Transparency, teamwork, collaboration, and professionalism are the foundation of our company, creating a culture of ownership and partnership. Our clients have witnessed these attributes and are grateful for the results we deliver.


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration is to come to work every day with enthusiasm and a single goal in mind: to solve our clients’ marketing problems and connect them with new customers. We handle every aspect of the project, including script writing, voiceover, animation, and editing, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply let us know the desired length and style of your Animated Video project, and if you’re unsure, we can provide you with some ideas that align with your company’s brand.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an international company, VideoKrtoon can connect you with potential customers through an engaging and creative animation experience at reasonable prices. No matter where you’re located, we will listen to your needs and interests and create an animated video from scratch that aligns with your goals.

VideoKrtoon is the easiest way to promote your business in a creative and cutting-edge way, boost sales, and reach potential customers from any city around the world. Our commitment to professionalism, collaboration and creativity is evident in the quality of our final products and the satisfaction of our clients.