Explainer videos have become a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies. They simplify complex ideas, enhance brand communication, and drive engagement. As visual storytelling tools, they effectively convey messages in a concise and compelling manner. Understanding their value and mastering their creation can significantly elevate your brand’s online presence. 

Benefits that explainer videos have that will help you grow your business.

They Boost Engagement and Retention

Explainer videos not only capture attention quickly and hold it, but they also use a combination of great visuals that explain complex ideas and make it easier to remember information. Retention increases by 95% because you are watching an engaging video instead of reading text.

Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates

High-quality explainer videos can boost conversion rates by up to 80%. They provide clear calls to action and effectively address potential customer pain points, leading to higher engagement and increased sales.

Explainer Videos Improve SEO Performance

Explainer videos can enhance SEO performance. If the user’s intention is met with a video, you don’t need to add a lot of text to solve the query. Also, if your competitors are only using text and images and you include a great explainer video, you will likely rank above them.

Here you can find some Explainer Video Samples

Why Hire Us for Your Explainer Video Needs?

We Offer You Our More Than 15 Years of Experience

As a leading explainer video firm, we bring professional expertise and extensive experience to the table. We understand the challenges of creating engaging and effective videos, ensuring high-quality production values. This results in a polished final product that might be challenging to achieve in-house.

We Offer Creative Input

Our creative team offers fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. We help you craft a compelling narrative and design visually appealing animations from start to finish, from the script to the final animation and storyboard. Our animated explainer video studio is equipped to deliver top-notch explanatory animation videos that captivate viewers.

Long-Term Value for Your Business

High-quality explainer videos from us drive engagement, improve conversion rates, and enhance SEO performance. These long-term benefits can offset the initial cost, making it a worthwhile investment. Our animated explainer services ensure you get the best value for your investment.

100% Customization

We offer customized solutions tailored to your brand’s needs. Whether you require animated explainer videos, 3D animations, typography animations, isometric animation, whiteboard explainer videos, or any kind of cartoon animation, we provide the right format to suit your objectives.

Amazing Customer Service

We adapt to your feedback and make necessary adjustments throughout the production process. This flexibility ensures that the final product aligns with your vision and expectations. Our video animation explainer services are designed to be flexible and responsive to your needs, offering unlimited revisions.

More Than 10,000 Happy Customer Reviews

Look at our client testimonials and case studies. As an animated explainer company, we pride ourselves on our positive reviews and successful case studies.

By choosing us, you are partnering with a team dedicated to delivering high-quality, engaging, and effective explainer videos that meet your business needs and exceed your expectations. We are committed to your success.

Types of explainer Videos

2D explainer video
Business explainer
Digital marketing explainer video
Graphic explainer video
Product explainer video
SaaS explainer video
Mobile app explainer video
Motion graphics explainer video
B2B explainer video

Here are more types of the explainer videos we offer:

  1. Explainer infographic
  2. Startup explainer video
  3. Character explainer video
  4. Technical explainer video
  5. Educational explainer videos
  6. Medical explainer videos
  7. Isometric explainer video
  8. Typography explainer video
  9. Real estate explainer videos
  10. Funny explainer videos
  11. Fintech explainer videos
  12. Corporate animated explainer video
  13. White label explainer videos
  14. Easy explainer videos
  15. Ecommerce explainer videos
  16. Sketch explainer video
  17. SEO explainer video
  18. Product explanation video

If you want to know more about each style or see some samples, please contact us for more information.


An explainer video is a brief, captivating video designed to clarify a product, service, or concept. It utilizes visuals, narration, and animation to simplify complex information and engage viewers effectively.

  1. Script Creation: We start by crafting the script based on your brief and mission.
  2. Storyboard Draft: Next, we create a draft of the storyboard to outline the visual flow of the video.
  3. Detailed Storyboard and Colors: We then develop a detailed storyboard, incorporating specific colors and design elements.
  4. Voice Recording and Animation Draft: After recording the voiceover, we begin working on the initial animation draft.
  5. Final Edits and Animation: Finally, we incorporate your feedback to make necessary edits and produce the final animation.

This process ensures a tailored, high-quality animated explainer video that effectively communicates your message.

Explainer videos are concise, engaging clips that simplify complex ideas through clear and straightforward visual storytelling. Usually lasting one to two minutes, these videos combine voiceovers, animation, and sometimes live-action footage to make products, services, or concepts easily understandable for viewers.

Yes, explainer videos remain a highly effective tool for modern marketing departments. They provide clients with compelling and time-efficient information, making them an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Explainer videos have gained popularity because they are easier to understand than written content. Humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, allowing explainer videos to convey complex messages quickly and effectively.

Yes, explainer videos can significantly boost profitability. They positively impact various KPIs. For instance, after launching a YouTube ad campaign featuring an explainer video

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