How do you make an effective explainer video?

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short marketing videos used online to explain a specific product or service. They are short and attention-grabbing, using animations to buttress your point and engage your viewers. It is a communication solution, and it is slowly becoming popular among many industries.

Why are they effective?

The secret behind explainer videos' effectiveness is the brain science behind it; its ability to tap into the human brain even without the viewer's knowledge makes them superb.

Explainer videos combine audio and visual stimulus and use them to explain concepts in a layman's language. Instead of just texts appearing on different slides, they use audio, which triggers the viewers' retentive memory.

According to biology, people are taught to stimulate their auditory senses, and they retain over 15% of what they have been taught. But a combination of their optical and auditory senses yields a 55% increase in retention, making them remember about 70% of the information. And this is a good retention capacity for your viewers.

This is why explainer videos are very effective. The question of how effective is explainer video has an obvious answer, and they are 100% effective. But of course, they cannot work for you like that; you must ensure Somethings are present in your video to make them useful. Ensuring your explainer videos are very useful involves:

Go straight to the point.

This is an obstacle for most businesses. They tend to deviate far from their primary purpose. If you go to most websites, you see them talking about something else without even letting the visitor know the exact services the company offers.

This is a very wrong thing to do and could lead to them clicking the back button. It would be best if you immediately captured their attention by telling them your main purpose.

The same applies to an explainer video; it shouldn't take your viewers more than 15 seconds to understand what the video is all about.

Putting an explainer video on your website homepage will help explain to viewers what you do and help lead to more conversion.

  1. Videos can go viral.

Videokrtoon Explainer Video that went Viral

Videokrtoon Explainer Video

Going viral is not a guaranty, but in all media content, the only content that can go viral in minutes is a video.

Explainer videos are engaging and funny, and people tend to want to share them with others. You can as well upload your video on social media platforms to help boost its publicity.

Explainer videos have unlimited access; imagine uploading your explainer videos on

  • YouTube
  • Facebook and other platforms.

More than one billion users watch YouTube videos every month, viewing at least 4 billion videos every day. This is excluding social media platforms; this means at any point in time, millions of people all over the world could be watching your explainer videos. What a better way to increase the effectiveness of your videos

  1. You can reach the heart of your viewers through storytelling.

Videokrtoon Explainer Video Series that went Viral

Videokrtoon Series

Storytelling is one of the best ways of selling your brand; it is best for all businesses to have a story behind their brand. You can present this story in your explainer video; it will increase your conversion rate.

Storytelling mustn't always be done using written copy; people don't usually have an interest in reading lots of text. It is best to present this story to them in the form of a funny and engaging video to get bored and tired of watching.

Use your explainer video to buttress how their problem will be solved with your product.


  • Explainer videos are very useful in compelling your viewers to buy your product or request your service.
  • It is also very efficient for telling your viewers what you do and how you can help solve their problems.

People may not even know your product ever existed. You have to introduce it to them; this is what makes an explainer video very efficient.

You can use it to offer solutions to their problem. People will tend to enjoy it more than a sales pitch.

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