Why are videos good for marketing?

If you've been observing trends, you'll agree with me that videos are a necessity in marketing strategies. Nearly 63% of businesses with an online presence use the video mode of visual content marketing. More than70% of such enterprises make video marketing a priority because they've been able to substantially increase their products' sales through the use of videos.

By employing creativity in videos (most times, making them go viral), businesses can speak directly to their customers in the most appealing way. Using videos has always been helpful, but it's as if we're finding it out now because of the change in attention span. If you're not yet using videos for marketing your product, then you're lagging. Start now!

Before we get into the technical stuff, let's have a little background knowledge, shall we?

For starters, what is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of visuals to promote the services or products towards their ideal prospects. Through these visuals, customers can see the benefits of rolling with a brand or the consequences of missing out on the opportunity at hand.

Bearing all these in mind, here are seven reasons most brands have adopted video marketing in their content marketing strategy:

1.     For SEO purposes: Keyword and relevant text blocks are not enough to keep you among the highest ranked pages. (Well, not anymore). Now, you require the use of relevant videos to drive traffic to your websites. The algorithms view videos as high-quality content and you'll rank lower than websites with videos if you don't include at least one video on your website. Make sure you optimize the video under keywords though with a good Meta description and mind-blowing title. (Not clickbait)

2.     To increase your conversion rates: Sometimes, people need an extra push when they're still on the fence about buying from you. The motivation can be as text or visuals. Because not everyone has the patience to read long texts these days (even if they're interesting) that's where a well-scripted video comes in. Studies have shown that your landing page conversions can increase by 80% just with the use of videos. Especially explainer videos. 74% of ideal clients who watch a well-crafted explainer video are likely to purchase the product or service attached to it.

3.     For building rapport: Trust is everything today. With the high level of unemployment in some parts of the world today, fraudulent activities are rising. That's why you need to build trust, especially towards people who have never heard about you before. Videos are a great way to show people who you are, what you do, and how you can make their lives better with a product or service.

4.     Increase awareness: There's a good chance that you're not the only one doing what you do. Am I right? For you to stand out from the rest, marketing comes in. Have you noticed how people share excellent videos on social media for free? That shows you the power behind video marketing. The only catch is that your video must funny and creative for it to go viral.

5.     Easy retention: let's get practical for a moment. Can you remember the first two lines of this article, word-for-word? But I can describe the content of your favourite video creator accurately. This exercise shows you that people retain videos easily than text (even short text). So, with your business, people are more likely to remember your brand if they've seen a video showing the things you do.

6.     Crushing Competition: Not all your competitors will shoot videos or animate one, because they feel it's too expensive. But that's where they get it wrong. It is not a loss, but an investment geared towards increasing your brand's awareness and revenue exponentially.

7.     To engage the lazy audience: Many people drag their feet when asked to buy from you. Such behaviour is not always due to lack of funds, but because of doubts and laziness. Video saves them the stress and time of combing through hours of written content.

That's all for now. Hope this helped.

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