Why is whiteboard animation important?

Before I answer this, whiteboard animation is simply an explainer video. Explainer videos are those short videos you find on websites that explain what the website is all about in a fun way. Of all the explainer video types, whiteboard animations are among the most-watched explainer videos in our world (at the time of writing this article).

Now that we have the definition out of the way, why do you need whiteboard animations for your business?

This form of animation is a brand booster, especially when employed in your marketing strategy. Whiteboard animations keep your audience hooked to your message and, when well crafted, will be the reason why your sales numbers skyrocket. 

Try and remember when you were a kid in school. Picture your experience when teachers try to explain a new concept you are not familiar with on a whiteboard. On the board, to make it easy for you to understand, the teacher uses analogies, diagrams, and words to make sure that you understand the concept correctly. Whiteboard animations employ the same tactics. The main disparity between the two scenarios is that the whiteboard animations are short and void of the boring parts of the lectures you received as a kid.

In the business world, whiteboard animations are marketing assets. Like I said earlier, they keep viewers interested in what you have to say. Today, the demand for whiteboard animations is increasing exponentially due to the following reasons:

  • The pattern of presentation is more convincing to viewers. It could be a mental link to the viewer’s previous classroom experience coupled with the narrator’s systematic and analytical ride from the known to the unknown, making the explained concept easy to understand 
  • Whiteboard animations are fun to watch. The animation videos give you a relaxed feeling as they take viewers through a journey of writing, erasing, and drawing; not just plain text like other explainer videos
  • Whiteboard animations can be easily updated and edited
  • This type of explainer video is relatively cheap and easy to operate
  • When used in content marketing, it engages viewers with its short and straight-to-the-point nature

Combining Creativity with Marketing

In most modern forms of content marketing, creativity is the key to getting people’s attention. This is because today, our attention span is shorter than it used to be. This is where a good scriptwriter comes into play. A beautiful work of art like the whiteboard animation not only explains but tells a story in a way that’s relatable to everyone on the other side of the screen. Videos with an obvious sales pitch or cliché-filled content will be skimmed at best. On the other hand, if you’re creative in your animation, people will want to watch your video twice or three times (which is highly unusual in my experience). 

Furthermore, such videos are great for people who don’t read a lot and people who multitask. For example, your own experience online. Sometimes, you can be so busy on your device and won’t be able to spend more than a minute or two on a page. Videos like this allow you the freedom to multitask. 

When compared to your everyday marketing video, whiteboard animations have 15% more retention. Whiteboard Animation videos are likely to be shared on social media three times than normal.

It is the easiest way to be humorous.

Sometimes, people find it hard to express themselves when facing a camera (Introverts especially). The whiteboard animation technology gives them a platform where they can be free to talk and sound as funny as they wish without being afraid of comments on their appearance. With this kind of explainer video, you can use humor to turn an otherwise boring topic into something lively and fun.

Whiteboard animation guides and educates

Based on a study by Logan Fiorella, an educational psychologist, the presence of a drawing hand as seen in whiteboard animations improves the way people learn. The short duration of the videos makes it easy for the audience to retain. Whiteboard animations are free of big words and complex diagrams, which is easier for people to assimilate rather than bland-filled presentations, as seen in most corporate videos.

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