As its name indicates, video marketing is a web marketing tool that's supported the utilization of audiovisual images, mainly through the web, to realize the marketing strategy's different objectives.

In short, and using a simple way, it's about adding videos to your content marketing.

Videos that include:

• Video advertising campaigns

• Institutional videos to strengthen the brand image

• Educational videos as a part of your content marketing plan

You probably feel the consequences of digital transformation on your lifestyle. Every day, we affect tons more information than we are ready to absorb.

However, video marketing has become the fastest and straightforward way to promote your business, product, and services.

Video has the unique ability to draw in and keep the user's eye, and video content features a high power of engagement and persuasion since it's possible to elucidate even complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way through short and well-elaborated videos.

Reasons you ought to venture into video marketing?

Understanding the difference in applications is vital, but even more important is understanding why you ought to invest in video marketing. To make it easier, here are great reasons you ought to invest:

Videos increase organic traffic.

A video makes your page more likely to get on the primary page of Google and thus will attract times more visitors. With a well-crafted video, the SEO result will scale.

Videos increase sales.

We are simply talking about people's preferences and how it's possible to condense the bestselling points quickly. Consistent with research, three out of 5 Internet users will observe a video if they're curious about a specific product or service.

A few of the consumers say videos product help them make purchasing decisions. When using videos for marketing, people will watch them when visiting their communication channels and relying on an honest video production company, scoring the goal.

Videos increase the perceived value of the merchandise, service, and brand.

As we've said, videos are an excellent source of empathy, remembrance, and authority. Despite the recent explosion of online videos, good audiovisual material can always be seen as a differentiating factor, something exclusive, because the results are refined production processes.

With a champion script, it's possible, for instance, to make engaging stories, build an immediate emotional connection, explain an answer brilliantly, use incredible visual effects and thus convert your audience.

Here within the article, we talked about video-based marketing, but we give good tips on why you ought to invest in video marketing. Then analyze your market, know your audience, contact a top-quality partner for your audiovisual productions and begin putting your strategy into practice right away!

Platforms which you may base your Video Marketing.

Some social networks on which companies can develop their video marketing. Counting on the objectives and therefore the audience of the corporate, it'll be interesting to use one or the other:


Since its inception in 2005, it's the most video consumption platform on the web , the foremost highly valued social network, and the second most used after Facebook. The expansion of YouTube is unstoppable. Besides having the ability to develop our channel with interesting content, we will manage our business advertisements to seem with a brief spot within the videos of others, through YouTube Ads.


in addition to the likelihood of uploading videos to normal publications and their stories, live and delayed, it also offers the possibility of generating more extensive audiovisual content of 60 seconds loaded and viewed through it. Instagram's application, or IGTV's own. They will last for about fifteen minutes when uploaded from mobile and an hour when uploaded from a computer. 


It is an App that permits the printed live videos from smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. It belongs to Twitter, a corporation that acquired this application before its launch in 2015.

The consumption of videos on social networks has increased notably among users, being the second most active social network activity, just behind social use, seeing what their contacts do.

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