How to Create an Explainer Video That Will Increase Your Business’s Conversions

Explainer videos are essential for marketing strategy. They are carefully considered to understand and engage. However, when using animated explainer videos, you need to have an appropriate plan. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve your desired conversion results.

Animated Explainer Video

What Makes an Explainer Video Convert?

Explainer videos are not limited to certain types of business; you can always get an explainer video done regardless of your budget. However, for your videos to convert, you need to improve your game when creating your videos. 

Then it would help if you focused on the style of production. You can use one or combine two or three types of products to make the best explainer video. You can use a 2D animated explainer video to get your desired result, or you can use a whiteboard animation explainer video. You can get your desired result depending on how you use them.

Your potential customers would not bother to continue if ghe first second of the video disinterested them. You must endure that your audience is captivated by the video from the get-go to the end.

You don’t need 4K resolution for your videos to convert customers. You only need to master how to use captivating messages and visuals to keep your audience engaged and convince them to take action. Another trick is to use your videos to tell a story about your product and how it can affect their lives rather than spending the whole time talking about how successful your business is.

Whiteboard Animated Video

How to Craft High-Converting Explainer Videos

A well-produced explainer video will help to boost your conversion and help you establish a solid online presence. Below are ways to make the best explainer videos for conversions:

  • Set a Clear Goal

Before you make a video, you should have a goal for it. This will help you get a clear picture of the result you should expect. Explainer videos you use on the top funnel to attract attention should not be the same as those you use for engaging potential customers (middle of the funnel) or converting leads into customers (bottom of the funnel).

  • Keep Your Audience in Mind

Your explainer videos keep your audience engaged, so you have to make the video for them. Imagine that roles were reversed and you were your audience; what would you like to see? Your audience is only interested in how your product or service will change their lives, and that’s what you should focus on. Also, note that you cannot use the same approach for different audiences. You can monitor your competitors and focus on gaps you can improve on to give your audience they’ve not seen before.

  • Keep It Under Two Minutes

The most important rule for making explainer videos with high conversion rates is to keep them under two minutes. You can’t include all the information in one video. Instead, you can filter it and ensure your message is concise and informative.

  • Don’t Forget the CTA

You should always include a call to action in your explainer videos. Your CTA is essential because it tells your audience the next step to take. Without the CTA, your audience will not take any action after watching the video. You can use CTAs like “click on the link below for more information” or ” sign up for our newsletter to get new updates.”

  • Cross-channel Placement

Once you have your explainer video ready, the next step is to get it in the faces of your potential customers. You can achieve this by placing your video on different channels and platforms. You can share it across websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedln. The more people see your video, the higher your chances of improving your conversion rates.

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