How Much Does a Whiteboard Animation Video Cost? Factors Affecting the Price

Whiteboard animation videos are a popular tool used by marketers, educators, and businesses to explain complex ideas or systems. They are efficient, precise, and concise. However, the question of how much a whiteboard animation video costs is one that is frequently asked, given the increasing demand for them.

The actual cost of a whiteboard animation video depends on several factors, including the deadline, design, quality, and quantity. In this article, we will discuss each factor and how it affects the overall cost of producing a whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard Animation Deadline

Producing a quality whiteboard animation video takes time and technical expertise. On average, it takes four weeks to produce a one-minute whiteboard animation video based on a nine-to-five workday. If you require a faster turnaround, you may need to pay extra for overtime.

Whiteboard Animation Design

The design and formation of a whiteboard animation video have a direct effect on its cost. The level of color, number of edits, and depiction of specific people or items are some factors that affect the cost of making a whiteboard animation video. If you require additional design tools such as subtitles, captions, or more animation characters, the cost of the video will increase.

Whiteboard Animation Quality

The quality of a whiteboard animation video is another factor that affects its cost. If you require a high-quality video, expect to pay more. A quality whiteboard animation video is characterized by its professional design, which includes refined images, complex visual effects, well-detailed characters, and proper accent animation that satisfies your target requirements.

The market shows that the average price for a premium whiteboard animation video is around $7,500 per minute. However, the cost of top-notch quality can be higher than this.

Whiteboard Animation Quantity

The length of a whiteboard animation video directly impacts its cost. A one-minute video costs between $1,000 to $7,500. Therefore, a three-minute video would cost between $3,000 to $22,500.

Outsourcing Your Whiteboard Animation

The cost of outsourcing a whiteboard animation video differs from one outsourcing firm to another. Therefore, it is recommended to ask for quotes from two or three designing firms to know which cost to go for. Independent freelancers can also offer lower prices; however, the risk of getting a lesser quality output is higher.

In-house Designer

For companies with in-house designers who have the expertise to make a quality whiteboard animation video, it is recommended to consider them. The cost is expected to be lower than outsourcing it. In this case, the firm will need an in-house copywriter or marketer, a narrator with excellent voice-over, a whiteboard artist, a videographer, and a project manager.

Do-It-Yourself Option

While the do-it-yourself option offers almost zero cost, it usually results in a low-quality and generic output that may not satisfy your target audience. Moreover, the main cost here is your time and how much of it you’re willing to let go.


In summary, the average cost of a whiteboard animation video lies between $300 to $7,500. However, this cost can be higher or lower depending on several factors. At our company, we offer affordable whiteboard animations with custom scenes starting at only $360 per minute to make it available for everyone.

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