You probably must have heard of whiteboard videos or video scribing. These are videos that comprise of a hand drawing character writing text on a plain white background.

Whiteboard videos are handy in teaching and learning things, and it makes communication of ideas to a person or group of people much easier. Many corporations and educational groups use them as a tool for teaching and training.

But the popular question is, how effective can they be? I will give you an insight into the effectiveness of whiteboard videos and why you should start using them immediately. The following reasons are what makes whiteboard videos useful.

It attracts attention

To for people to remember something, they need to give it a bit of attention. Humans don't just glance at things and remember them, so if you don't have the attention of people drawn to you, you will not pass your information to them. The animation's primary purpose in your whiteboard video is to hold their attention engagingly.

It is common to see people yawn and exhibit tiredness when watching safety talks or other related videos. So, the question you will have to ponder is; how can you transfer the information inside your head to them?

The only possible way to do this is by using whiteboard videos because explainer videos like that of safety talks are only effective for a target market.

Whiteboard videos can put your audience in a good mood.

Whiteboard videos are usually fun to watch because of the animations used. Despite the simplicity of the video, it is still packed with lots of action. The best whiteboard videos usually contain over 80 movements per scene.

When they watch your videos, it will make them laugh and feel less stressed. You will be passing information into their lower faculties without them noticing it. They won't feel it is too much work to listen to you.

Enhances Retentive Memory of viewers

Research attests that viewers who watch animated videos remember over 92% of the things they have seen in the video, unlike in explainer videos. This research confirmed the hypothesis that whiteboard videos make information easier to pass to people. It also makes the assimilation of facts easier for viewers because all they have to do is remember the scene's anime.

Whiteboard Videos make people more eager to learn everything in detail.

We have learned how fun Whiteboard videos can be for teaching and other activities. They tend to engage the viewers and keep them focus on the screenplay; they try to follow all actions scene by scene. This increases their attention level in the video and makes them eager to know what the next scene will unfold. The use of animations has proven effective in making anyone learn fast. This is an exceptional quality because you can teach people lots of things, they normally would not be interested in.

According to scientists' research, 92% of teachers affirmed that the use of whiteboard videos improved their students' general learning process, enabling them to be more creative in class.

This means that whiteboard videos are a tested and trusted source of information transfer from your mind to the mind of your viewers. It can be used to train employees in a corporate firm, for seminars, workshops, and even conferences.


The summary of all that has been said is that; whiteboard videos are very effective for your business. Whether you own a corporate business or in the educational sector, it is the best tool for you to use to pass information to many people. The following reasons make them distinguished from all other kinds of videos:

  • Whiteboard videos grab the attention of the viewer using funny animations.
  • They make the viewers recall things because the information is being transferred to their lower faculties.
  • It puts your viewers in a good mood to facilitate the learning process.
  • They make your viewers eager and willing to learn what you want to teach them through the video.
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