One review that is popular amongst users of Vyond is that it is expensive compared to other tools in the market. And though the users pay premium charges on vyond, they have access to nothing special but what is common and can be found on other tools for free. 

The users of vyond agree though they pay so high, they do not get premium value for the high charges. And for freelancers and small businesses who cannot afford the pricey charges, it is a disadvantage.

This is why videokrtoon exists as a much better alternative to vyond. As a service provider, videokrtoon provides a total package of whiteboard animation video solutions to businesses of all sizes, which help them promote their brands, products, and services. Videokrtoon provides quality whiteboard animation videos that are affordable and available to cater to the needs of everyone.

Why should you hire videokrtoon to create your videos?

Here is why you should hire videokrtoon:

  1. Animation Professionals:

 Videokrtoon team comprises professionals who ensure they deliver your videos according to your preference. Videokrtoon team of professionals pays keen attention to details while producing your videos and makes sure they are done to your taste and to serve the purpose you want it to serve in your business.

The team comprises a scriptwriter and copywriter that communicates your brand story clearly and understandably that sells your brand effectively.

The team also comprises professional voice actors who amplify your content with their voices. These voiceovers are available in any language and accent you need.

Sketching and drawing of video characters are done from the scratch by professional cartoonists.

The editors on the team are there to make sure your video animation is well produced, with the audio and video in sync, and to ensure there are no glitches before launch.

  • None of those monthly payments on our platform: 

Another reason you should hire videokrtoon to create your videos is that with us, you do not have to worry about any hidden charges or fees. Unlike other tools, videokrtoon is transparent and open with their payments so you do not need to worry about recurring monthly payments on our platform.

  • More professional video: 

Videokrtoon works with a highly professional team that is experienced and good at what they do. What this means is that every time you hire videokrtoon, you get a more profession video that is well done in any file type you desire.

Your video is delivered in 1080p HD or 4k for a big screen plus you also get to own a master copy of the video which you can compress anytime to suit your needs per time. So, you get premium value for your money every time you hire us.

  • Credibility:

 Our reviews from our previous clients testify to that. They keep coming back to hire us because we have a strong edge over other tools. Some of our previous clients include Uber, Pfizer, Shaq, and Novartis.

Some of our testimonials are:

“This was a large project, as we needed several videos for our website all at once. Videokrtoon was up for the task and much more. Everything was done to perfection and in record time. Thank you, we will be back for more!” – Rex Watson, Everline Product Manager. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I am a repeat customer and this has been a great work quality as usual. Very professional and timely delivery.” – Dean Casey, Lemimum Marketing. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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