What makes a good marketing video!!!

A marketing video is the use of video in a digital strategy to publicize, position, boost, promote and sell a brand, company, product, or service to achieve the goals you've set for your business.

 It is said to be the present and the future of digital marketing, and more and more companies, both large and small, are betting on it by including video marketing within their actions on social networks.

Video content is an awesome and perfect way to promote your brand or product in a short message with images and sound. Video advertising has been a growing channel in the media realm in recent years and should not be absent from modern media strategies.

 However, making a good marketing video requires some little and straightforward tactics. You will learn how to produce unique marketing video in this blog.

 Those are some points that make a perfect marketing video.

 1. Mental focus.

 A good video should immediately grab and keep the audience's attention. This is one of the important points that make good video marketing, and it starts with the first images you show. It's also advisable to use famous people in the video. Research has revealed that many individuals find it challenging to look away from a renowned individual. But one of the most cogent factors is the framing of the video. A video content where the shot is repeatedly the same attracts less attention than a video where shots from different angles follow each other.

2. Attachment

 A good marketing video content should connect with the audience with your video; by applying emotion and telling a clear and catchy story, the audience will find it exciting and hard to stop watching.

 Humor and sadness are two powerful emotions that can be used in the video. Through research, you can find out which message and emotion resonate best with the target audience. Show the video to a test panel and ask what emotions it evokes. This way, the video conveys the right emotion and message.

 3. Preciseness

 A good marketing video should possess a high level of exactness so the audience will get your message faster without getting bored. In your video, be clear about the expectations you have of the audience. Do you want them to purchase a product immediately after checking out? Or should they view more information on your website? Use the different platforms' options, such as the 'read more' or 'shop buttons.

 4. Understandability even without sound.

 Research has revealed that more than 70 percent of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off. Therefore, choose subtitles or captions. However, this does not mean that adding sound is unnecessary. Sound, mostly sound effects, is an essential part of any good video and should not be lost. Always add sound to enhance the experience for the people who watch with sound. The same applies to Instagram, here too, people often watch without sound. In contrast, two-thirds of Snapchat users watch videos with sound. So here it is an actual necessity to add sound to your video.

 5. Usage of all channels.

 Whenever you hear the word, "video" the first thing that comes to your mind is YouTube, and it's normal. Having a channel for your brand on the platform is essential, but do not limit yourself to carrying out your video marketing actions only there.

 YouTube is indeed the third most visited page globally, but did you know that the second is Facebook and that the latter awards those businesses that share native videos from the social network? The same happens with other networks such as Twitter with Periscope, Instagram with Instagram Stories, or Snapchat, to give just a few examples.

 So, research well what platforms your clients are on and have a presence on them by sharing your videos on YouTube and Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and Facebook.

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