What makes a good Explainer VIDEO?

You would not know the components that make an excellent Explainer Video if you don't understand what Explainer Videos are.

Explainer Video is a short video for marketing that is usually on the landing pages of most sites. It educates readers on the product and services that the company or organization renders.

Text from the site is not sufficient to explain the company's nitty-gritty and convert readers into prospective customers. Online marketing experts devised a better means to educate, catch and sustain the attention of visitors on their websites through explainer video. It's a very useful marketing strategy.

However, things can get tricky when you don't know how to make one. What's makes a great explainer video? Many people have been asking this question. Worry less this question will be answered in this review.

Good Script

A good script is the bedrock of a great explainer video. An explainer video's primary objective is to break down big ideas into smaller terms for viewers, audience, or readers to understand better. Marketing managers use a good Script to achieve a great explainer video.

As you may have known, a script is the skeletal framework of any production. It answers the big question. You might have the best graphic design with fantastic color dexterity, you might have the best voiceover artist, but all will amount to nothing without good scripting.

The focus of a great explainer video-solely relies on the quality of the script. A great explainer video must appeal to its targeted customers. This can be achieved through a perfect script.


Time is precious. Since an explainer video is not a movie, it should not take time to drive the core message to the viewers' sanity.

It should be short, simple, and straight to the point. Avoid using too many irrelevant terms in the video. A great explainer video doesn't bore the audience with rhetoric.

Appeal to The Target Audience

The main step to having a great explainer video is the identification of the target audience. Once the target audience is identified, the target audience will determine the tone of approach to drive home the message.

Every good Explainer video will appeal to the target audience. It must attract their interest and satisfy their curiosity.

Marketing Target Audience

Great Voiceover or Fonts

Attracting the attention of the target audience could be achieved by utilizing voiceover or fonts for designs. A good voiceover artist knows the right time to use to catch the attention of anyone that checks the site.

A great explainer video will arrest the attention of anyone and sustain it until the video ends. Also, if the explainer video has onscreen text, good fonts are all that is needed. The text is used to explain the core objectives of the company.

Every good marketing strategist knows this. They ensure that the marketing video is incorporated with a good voiceover and fonts.

Call to Action

An explainer video is pushed out with intent. At the end of the video, the audience should be able to catch the gist and what the organization wants them to do. People should not be asking so what next? after viewing the video.

First, you must identify the type of response that you want from the audience. There should be a call to action at the end of the video. This will push the viewers to decide at the end.

You necessarily don't need to beg for it. The video should be sufficient enough to influence the decision of the viewers.

Worth Sharing

There is no marketing strategy better than the one done by a satisfied client. When an explainer video is good, you need not tell a viewer to share. They will be prompt to share the video with other people.

To achieve this, ensure the video is captivating, enchanting, explanatory, and charming.

Explainer Video Conclusion

Knowing the target audience will largely influence the script. The script determines the extent to which the explainer video will be active. Just before you make one, first identify your target audience. Hire a professional marketing strategist if you need to.

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