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The Process

We´ve developed a process that makes creating your whiteboard animation fun and easy.


The content and the story we tell is arguably the most important part of your whiteboard animation video. You can provide the script and let us give you our experienced feedback or we can pair your message with a copywriter who can structure, clarify, and flesh it out for maximum impact.


Once we have your final script, we will use our understanding of business, marketing, and communicating ideas to develop the drawings that will support your message.


While we develop the images, the audio is created. The less-than-perfect drawing of this whiteboard animation type can pair really well with real people delivering the message. In those cases we can advise you on recording the voice over. For those messages that pair better with a professional voice, well we can provide that for you too. In any language or accent you might need.


Once we have sign-off on the images and audio we will start the drawings edition. Everything we do is from cero, no templates. Then we edit the footage to sync with the audio.


At last! Your whiteboard animation video is ready to be set free, in any video file type you need. We shoot everything in FULL 1080p HD for the big screen and provide you a master copy for you to compress as you need down the road.

But first you have to contact us

Obviously none of this happens without you and your message. We´re easy to contact and fun to work with and after a quick messaging we´ll be able to quote you on the project. Even if you´re not planning to start the project for a few months. Plus you´re planning on investing in us to work with you on your message, you can´t get a real feel for the people you´ll be working with if you don´t contact us.

So that´s our process. If you want to work with us to Set Your Message Free, email contact@videokrtoon.com

project duration

Our favorite project length is 15 days and is the typical length we quote on. That being said, we have rushed jobs in 5 or even 6 days. We´ve done a 3 minutes video in 3 days. Of course how much faster we can get a video made depends on project size, budget and our current work load. We feel that 10 days gives us a real chance to soak in the message and visuals we create, and gives you the best chance to thoroughly respond. Be sure to discuss your project timing when you contact us.